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Completed Stairs

The old stairway was completedly torn out and new oak + treads and white risers were installed back to the same place. The scotia molding has been cut and ready to be installed.
This stairway was installed using the overlay method. New oak treads and risers were installed over the existing pine treads and risers. To the right you can see the new oak handrail, balusters and wall cap that we installed.
A completely new stairway and rail system was installed in excactly the same place as the old. New oak treads, risers, white balusters and handrails were installed and finished.
This is the top view looking down on the previous stairway.
This stairway was completely torn apart and rebuilt in the exact same place. The landing was previously built too high. We lowered the landing and in doing so all the steps were exactly the same height.
Another view of the previous stairs.