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Steps to a Clean & Recoated Floor

Step 1: Inspect Floor and Clean

Step1: Inspect Floor and Clean Prior to our deep cleaning step each floor is inspected for any damage.  Damaged boards are replaced and finished.  The floor is then vacuumed.

Step 2: Using the Dirt Dragon™ and I.F.T.

Step2: TyKote Dustless Refinishing System™ This is a compact and powerful floor cleaning machine that can be used on all types of floors.  Along with the I.F.T.cleaning solution it can remove the toughest dirt and surface contamination.  It is a key component in the TyKote® Dustless Refinishing System.
Step2: View of underside of TyKote Dirt Dragon™ View of the underside of the Dirt Dragon™ showing the cleaning brush and squeegees.
Step2: Filling with I.F.T. Cleaner™ Adding the Intensive Floor Treatement (I.F.T.) cleaner to one container.  The other container collects the dirty water vacuumed up from the floor.
Step2: Using the Dirt Dragon™ to clean the floors. Using the Dirt Dragon™ to clean the floors.  The Dirt Dragon™ dispenses the correct amount of cleaner from one tank onto the floor.  The brush then acts in a vertical motion to clean the pores.  The Dirt Dragon™ will vacuum up the cleaner and dispense it into the other container.

Step 3: Second stage of Cleaning

Step3: Second stage of Cleaning The second cleaning solution, Squeaky™ Clean, is applied to the floor in the same manor using the Dirt Dragon™.  The Squeaky™ Clean solution cleans the floor without leaving a residue.

Step 4: Applying the Bonding Agent TyKote®

Step4: Applying the Bonding Agent TyKote™ The bonding agent, TyKote®, is applied using a mop.  TyKote® is used to form a chemical bond for the StreetShoe® to adhere to the existing finish.  Again, NO DUST is created!!

Step 5: Coating The Floors with StreetShoe®

Step5: Coating the Floors with StreetShoe® StreetShoe® finish is applied to the floor using an applicator.  It is the fastest curing finish on the market.  It is available in four sheens: super matte, satin, semigloss and gloss.  It is 90% cured in 24 hours and can be walked on in stocking feet in as little as 4 hours.  You can return your furniture the next day using felt pads.

Final Step: Admiring Your Floors

Final Step: Admiring Your Floors Inspected, cleaned, cleaning solution applied, vacuumed, second cleaning solution applied, bonding agent added, and final coating.

Enjoy your newly recoated floor for more years.